Welcome to the new Construction Safety Shop Australia!

Our brand new store is open for business, now online at: www.constructionsafetyshop.com.au.

During the past 12 months we have been working hard on our new safety document store, Construction Safety Shop, the home of construction safety in Australia.

Customers can now log on and buy the latest SWMS and safety documents, in addition to our new membership subscription packages specifically tailored for each trade in every state.

Construction Safety Shop customers and members also get access to loads of benefits, including discounts, exclusive content and the opportunity to network with other safety-minded contractors in their region. Find the right subbies for your next project at Construction Safety Shop.

The existing Construction Safety Wise document store will change its focus to health and safety education, training, and practical site safety solutions.

Our new document safety shop is ready for you to explore with loads more options than ever before, great prices, and heaps of added benefits.

Click here to check out our new SWMS and safety docs!

We are continually working on new and innovative safety products so why not subscribe to our newsletter or become a member and we’ll keep you updated.