Improve your SWMS acceptance rate!

Because we specialise in construction safety, our SWMS have a high acceptance rate across all Australian states and territories. We  have also provided you with a procedure to make your SWMS ‘site specific’ while you are on site…minimising your downtime and getting you back to work faster!

Here are some points of difference between us and our competitors:

  • We know and specialise in Construction Safety compliance!
  • Because we totally focus on the construction industry we understand your business!
  • We are committed to giving our customers high quality SWMS that are easy to read and follow.
  • Fast and convenient! Download your SWMS and safety docs immediately after purchase.
  • Offering high quality SWMS at very competitive prices giving you exceptional value for money!
  • Our SWMS and safety docs will help you stand out amongst your competitors, and when you place your Logo on our docs it will give you that professional look to promote your business!

Our SWMS are created in a smart PDF format, which means that you can fill them out on any hand held device and email them to the Builder or other workers on the spot!